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11 August 2018

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A getaway very close to you

The diversity of its landscapes and the predominance of its exuberant nature turn the island of La Gomera into the perfect destination for a unique and unforgettable getaway. Therefore, if you have a few days to spare, we have designed an itinerary for you to experience the immensity of a land with over 600 kilometres of magical trails; millennial laurel forests; valleys covered with palm trees;

dizzying cliffs, 90km of incomparable coastline, ravines that flow directly into the sea; black sand beaches and crystal clear waters… all accompanied by the best climate in the world, a unique gastronomy and the kindness and courtesy of its people. Due to the fact that the landscapes have hardly changed over time and the tranquillity that can be enjoyed in each corner, it is known as the island “where time stops”.

Initial preparations

The island offers various activities to enjoy a few days of relaxation and different outdoor activities, so you can combine both options to make the most of your visit to La Gomera. Therefore, we recommend that you don’t forget to pack your comfortable footwear, bathing suit, backpack, a coat for the higher areas and even a pair of binoculars, as well as a great photo and/or video camera should you wish to immortalise the landscapes you will discover when travelling around the island.

The Colombian island (named as such because of its link with Christopher Columbus) can be reached by sea and air. It has a regional port and airport that operate between islands, but in both cases the journey is short and very pleasant, and you will quickly catch a glimpse of the profile of a geography that leaves you speechless. An excellent way to get around La Gomera is with a rental car, as the roads are very well signposted. So, supposing that you have now stepped ashore, let the adventure begin!

Itinerary for a three-day getaway (arriving by boat)

Day one: You will disembark directly in the Port of San Sebastián in La Gomera (the capital), which is a fantastic opportunity to discover some of the most symbolic areas, but not before heading to the Tourism Office. The “Torre del Conde”, a 15th century building, is a good start, as from here you can stroll through the old town and visit some points on the “Colombian route” such as the “Casa Colón” and the Church of Our Lady of the Assumption. You might think about staying in the capital, but on this getaway we have decided to stay in Agulo, which is half an hour away.

“The Beauty of La Gomera”, as the municipality of Agulo is known, has one of the best-preserved old towns, as well as the popular “Mirador de Abrante” (Abrante Viewpoint) and a complete Visitor’s Centre located in Garajonay National Park. A forest that occupies 10% of the island’s surface area and that since 1986 has been a World Heritage Site declared by Unesco.

Day two: We recommend that you start your visit at the Park’s “Juego de Bolas” Visitor’s Centre, as there you will discover the island’s geography, the secrets of the magical laurel forests, as well as get advice on taking the trail most suited to your time and preparation. Very close to there is also the “Mirador de Abrante”, inside a restaurant, which gifts breathtaking views of Teide and the municipality of Agulo, known as the “Beauty of La Gomera”.

After a day discovering the dazzling beauty of Garajonay, return to your accommodation after making a stop in Hermigua for dinner in one of its celebrated restaurants. You can’t miss the “almogrote” (a paté made from hard cheese, peppers, olive oil, garlic and other ingredients) and palm syrup; an explosion of flavours is guaranteed.

Day three: Valle Gran Rey, with its idyllic black sand beaches, will be the plan for your third day on the island. The journey from Agulo offers stops in Vallehermoso and its famous “Roque Cano”, standing at an impressive height of 200 metres, which is a true scenic landmark worth seeing (and photographing). Along the way you will find several viewpoints that will surprise you with the island’s orography until reaching Valle Gran Rey. This municipality awaits you, inviting you to sunbathe and immerse yourself in the purest waters. If you enjoy watching animals in the wild, you cannot miss taking a whale watching excursion. You just have to watch them play around the boat and enjoy another perspective of the island. An optional visit could be to “Los Órganos”, a natural monument that can be seen from the boats departing from the Port of Vueltas. And we cannot forget to recommend that you view a sunset on this part of the island, which for many is one of the best in Europe, an essential activity on your getaway.

Three days of pure nature and relaxation end where they began. It will surely leave you wanting more. The island has so much to offer that three days are not enough, but a getaway will always recharge your batteries and of course you can always return because we are so close to you.