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11 August 2018

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Family Tourism

Charmed by its inhabitants, charmed by its visitors, charmed by the privileged climate unique to the Canary Islands, charmed by the trade winds…
Visiting La Gomera with family allows us to feel that charming characteristic enveloping what we really love.

The little ones and not so little ones immediately become stars of the most entertaining and mysterious stories you can imagine. This is because La Gomera has that still-preserved charm of being a healthy land, with untouched landscapes, clean air, intense scents of the sea and forest, everything that allows us to feel pampered in an unbeatable environment.

Our proposal

Our proposal is an intimate encounter with nature, starting at the Garajonay National Park. There are plenty of trails to stroll along with children and that have different degrees of difficulty. From the smallest children to the most intrepid, they all have their own specially prepared route. Telling them the story of Gara and Jonay before visiting the Park already prepares them to enjoy it to the fullest. As soon as they begin to see the first trees (if they are lucky enough to see the sea of clouds, they will understand it even more), they explain the uniqueness of this sponge forest. The water-filled clouds that bring the trade winds leave their small droplets in the forest as they pass through it, a phenomenon known as horizontal rain. This permanent humidity makes the forest ideal for any adventure, the mosses and lichens hanging from the trees, the intense green of the ferns or the carpet of multicoloured leaves covering the paths accompany walkers wherever they go. Imagining that this same forest is living proof of those who existed during the Tertiary era, millions of years ago, makes you see and appreciate it even more. Having that privilege in today’s hectic world makes the experience one that is engraved in your memory.

The Park also contains a history of giants; the “Roques” which emerged from the depths of the earth with their imposing vertical heights set the stage for the richest stories in a child’s imagination. In the heart of the Park, there are viewpoints to observe them in all their magnitude, such as the Los Roques viewpoint, or if you visit Vallehermoso, you can see the Roque Cano. All of these are a great example for explaining the volcanic origin of the Island, feeding the imagination of children with the stories of these ancient giants.
Following our proposal, we move on to water. The beaches of La Gomera are ideal for holidays with children, away from the crowds; with quiet natural pools and beaches for all tastes. Some of them also have stories to teach to children, from the “Charco del Conde” and the “Charco de la Condesa” (natural pools) in Valle Gran Rey, or the beaches of San Sebastián de La Gomera that are associated with the history of Christopher Columbus. We stop at the “Charco del Conde”, a declared site of scientific interest because of its enormous biodiversity, and with just some glasses and a snorkel, you can appreciate the amount of life it contains; under a stone, in the sand or swimming quietly. All species that coexist in that area are within reach of a curious visitor’s gaze.
The charming La Gomera, because it is a charming island, because it is loved from the moment it is first seen, and because adventures can be experienced that connect both young and old to the untouched nature that characterises it.