La Gomera

The island of La Gomera is of volcanic origin. The absence of eruptive activity for the last 2 million years and a climate that favours water erosion have created a craggy relief riven by deep gullies and overshadowed by impressive volcanic domes, known locally as Roques.

Silbo Gomero: This pre-Hispanic whistling language is part of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of the world thanks to UNESCO. Even today you see people communicating with whistles.

World Biosphere Reserve: The island was awarded World Biosphere Reserve status in 2011, in the excellent category, thanks to the pristine nature of its marine and terrestrial ecosystems.

650 kilometres of trails: La Gomera has a network of over 600 kilometres of mysterious trails where you can lose yourself and feel like a child again.


Welcome to La Gomera

Just arrived and you can already feel the magic of the place as it envelops you. Keep looking and you learn that this energy is real. Travel from landscape to landscape, through palm-filled valleys, deep ravines, black sand beaches with crystal-clear waters, luxuriant ancient forests refreshed with babbling streams … A natural paradise, home to species that have disappeared everywhere else. La Gomera is so valuable that it is a Biosphere Reserve.